In the wake of Summer

All of a sudden, Instagram is full of hats, cardigans, yarn delight – are you serious? Do you really want it to be cold again? Socks on your feet and yarn wrapped around your shoulders? Well, not me. Not yet!

Knitting? Yes! Wearing knitwear? NO!

If I was to decide, there would be more summer and more light. Barefooted, breakfast outside. Just like summer vacation. It was so good! Even without us doing much.

Then again … that’s no quite true as we were athletes by necessity (if that makes any sense at all). Instead of roads or paths the city had lots and lots of stairs. 130 to the supermarket, 42 to the beach, 68 to go downtown. Wide and narrow steps, stairs, steps, stairs. Now, I have thighs like … well, let’s change subject …

Luckily, the boy is back on track. He’s happy again. Not only did he recover, he decided on what to do next and – ta-daah! – it’s basketball. Not that anyone ever had a doubt he would keep on playing, however in another (smaller) league. A very cool team, a club with a great concept, plus he can go there on his own (without me driving him) and – first and foremost – he loves it. Hence, even at 37°C his hands were mostly glued to the ball.

What else did we do? Unlike previous years, I hardly knitted any leaves. Looks like I am done with leaves. Besides, it was so hot, so incredibly hot, that nothing but water would do.

Nonetheless, I have been working on a summer project. I had wanted something like the IceCream Shawl for a long time. With significantly thinner yarn and only two colors, the result is soft and with a sensational backside. I finished it last night – more pictures to follow once I have woven in the ends.

10 days ago, school started again. The man in my life is back at work, I juggle son, job, household. Daily routine. A little cooler day by day. A little darker.

And whenever that starts to scare me I look at my version of the IceCream Shawl. Maybe fall isn’t that bad after all …



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