Wonder Woman II

I can’t help but notice that I tend to repeat patterns that I like: five times Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Tomten jacket, six Alida hats, published in the KlompeLompe book and at least the same number of… More

Baker’s Twine in my bathroom

I really like numbers. And I like mathematics. Most of the time – clearly not when it comes to  doing my tax return. Hence, on an annual basis, I visit the world’s best CPA. She… More

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Global warming & a scarf

Whether this scarf is wearable or not – that’s something to argue about. The scarf itself is a statement though. Four rows form one stripe; one stripe stands for one year. And while the stripes… More

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Yoga socks

It is cold in Berlin. Way too old for summer and for me. Cold enough for wool and knitting though. Hence, before I forget until fall, here comes the pattern for the yoga socks I… More

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Moomin love

Once upon a time – long before I moved to Berlin, before I met the man and had the son – I lived in an apartment in Germany’s former capital. Back then, I would rent… More

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