Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

There is a beautiful review of the book – written by Megan Goodacre on tricksy knitter – that I could not agree more (nor do any better 😉). Please follow the link.

Book review: #strickenmachtglĂŒcklich

12 Germans designers, 12 pattern – sweaters and cardigans, scarfs, wraps, a hat and socks. As of now, the book is not (yet) translated into English. The minute it is, I will translate my review.… More


Once upon a time, there was a ball of yarn, looking forward to its birthday. And as it was a milestone birthday, the ball of yarn made plans to have a party. This is how… More

Camel fiber

Camels have two humps, dromedaries have one – at least that is what I thought. It’s not true though. Now, I have learned: all of them are camels, curious and friendly, however, there are two… More