Polka Dots

Just in time for the end of summer, my summer project is done. And I am absolutely thrilled with the result. Even though I have not yet wet-blocked it or woven in ends, it is beautiful. Maybe I won’t even block it. It wouldn’t do the dots any good – all the “bubble wrap” would be gone, which would be a shame. After all, I have wanted those dots for so long …

Back in 2013 (is it really that long ago?!) Kathi taught me how to knit dots. This is how we met!

Two (maybe three) years later I came across the IceCream Shawl pattern on ravelry and had to have it.

However – good things come to those who wait – it took me until September 2017 to actually look for the right yarn at BerlinKnits (again, Kathi was there. And Pia). I wanted my shawl to be red and white, just like a lady bug … It still makes me laugh that no one realized my mistake, no one told me that it would have to be red and black to be a lady bug.

Be it as it may, I finally found the perfect yarn at the Wollnerin’s yarn store. Three skeins of sock yarn: two light and undyed, the third hand-dyed in beautiful red. Still, I did not start knitting as all else seemed to be more important at the time.

Eventually, in early August the shawl became my summer project.

Now it is done. Pretty big (210×44 cm), very soft, with an unexpected beautiful reverse side. It is perfect – except for one minor mistake that turned out to be big. I can see it. Always. You can see it. Please look away.

Remember that saying? It’s not a bug – it’s a feature … I only have to find out what this particular feature is meant to be for.

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