A wonderful friend has sent me a skein of hemp yarn from Sweden. 100% hemp. It got here the day before yesterday and since then I can’t get it out of my mind.

Hemp fascinates me. I really like its shimmer. It reminds me of hair. However, unlike (my) hair, hemp is rather brittle. And it has a funny smell to it. Therefore, it may not be suitable for garments. Even though it is rather thin – just like sock yarn.

Maybe I should crochet a basket. But … a basket crocheted with a yarn that thin? The basket would have to be either tiny to be sturdy enough or I would have to crochet around a rope. (Not to mention that it would take forever to make …).

Knitting a bag might be a better idea. Another Edda? (Having made two already, I am not too thrilled by the idea of making another).

It is a 400 grams skein with approximately 800 meters. So far, I have winded it as much as I could. For now, it is nothing but a huge cake. And all I need is a cool idea!

What would you make out of it?


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