There is so much summer outside that I am hardly ever inside knitting (at least not as much as I’d like to).

At first, the lovely neighbors had cherries for me, then mirabelles, finally there were plums everywhere and now apples are already falling off the trees in our garden. Coring and pitting fruits, extracting the juice, making jam and jelly – feels like I have been stirring hot liquids for days.

Every night, I carry glasses in the storage cellar. Something to look forward to in winter. That is the good part about it.

However – as I have mentioned before – knitting time is restricted. All I manage to do are tiny projects. Like this one: the  pinwheel purse made of sock yarn bits and pieces and knitted in no time. Joining all five parts took much longer …

But it was totally worth it.

After all, it was the only way to find out whether it actually works. Whether it opens up when you pull the top apart and then snaps back closed when you let go. And it does. However, the way I knit it is sagging, not tight enough. Maybe I should have used (even) thinner needles or thicker yarn. But I did not. That is to say, it may not hold coins but maybe smaller jewelry or other little things.

Sooner or later, it will take over some task. Until then, it might sit on the sofa’s arm rest.

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