Crazy for hats

As predicted, I have knit the fabulous Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho another three times: in teal, in black and in green. Of all those (five!) hats, I really liked the green one best. However, I gave it away (just like all the others).Then I knit a hat in Léttlopi; no pattern, just a beanie. That one turned out really nice as well; maybe because of Léttlopi. Such a lovely yarn to work with!

A Therese Hat was next. And it was meant to be mine. Unfortunately, it would look so weird on me, that I unraveled it the minute it was done. A decision I learned to regret. It would have been a lot smarter to consult my pillow, to sleep on it for a night or two and try Therese again at daylight. But well, … too late now. Look at it! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I should really make another one.

However, I might try London Bound first – a lovely pattern that was gifted to my by Magda (thank you again 💙). At the same time, I am looking at Capucine … This looks like the most comfortable hat of all hats. If I actually get around to knitting Capucine, I might replace the tassels by pompoms though. What do you think?

What are your “guaranteed success”-favorite hats? Did I miss some of the nicest pattern? If so, please let me know.


Christmas is over

How come that December is always so much shorter than any other month? At least, that is what it feels like. Didn’t we just start advent and – bam! – Christmas is over?! Crazy!

Luckily, we were gone for a few days to spent time with family. And finally, the minute we arrived at the holiday flat, we started feeling christmassy. We had rented the flat close to my mother-in-law’s, to have a “retreat” whenever needed. Because, no matter how much the world would have us believe every year that family gatherings around the holidays are a warm, glittering dream awash with cheer and goodwill to all – the truth is: they’re not. At least not with us. This is why we decided  this year, to rent a flat, to go “home” at night and return for breakfast in a happy mood to see everyone. And it worked out perfectly.

The flat was not only large and full of light, but beautifully decorated by our landlady: sparkling little stars, fairy lights, luminous deer, nut-crackers and chocolate, even DIY books for me to read – it was all there! Then again … it wasn’t only for the decorations. Our landlord too had his share in making Christmas happen for us. It was him after all who managed to open the front door after we locked ourselves out on Christmas Eve (leaving the only key at the door lock inside …😬).

Both of them did whatever they could to make us feel comfortable. So nice! We loved the Melitta coffee pot and its matching porcelain filter for breakfast, Maria and the baby above the dinner table. Lots of countryside and silence all around us. No internet.

And we enjoyed family: the poker games at night, the talks and dinners. Somehow, along the way, I started knitting another wrap (forget WIPs and resolutions). It is growing fast – thanks to the help of a little angel that my neighbors gave me for Christmas.

In short: four days of too much food, lots of fun, quite a bit of knitting, presents (of course) and quiet sleep. We loved it!

Back in Berlin, the husband’s eldest son took off for Copenhagen, our youngest (surprise!) is back to basketball. The man and I are off work for another few days, see friends, sleep in. I wouldn’t mind if things stayed that way. Life is good.

All my hopes, all my thoughts and all my dreams for a happy and peaceful New Year for all of us!


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New Mittens

Look at those beautiful mittens! Aren’t they nice? I have to admit, it is tempting to say that I have knit them at night by candlelight … But that’s not true.

Someone else made them and – whatever the story might be – somehow they ended up on a flea market in Berlin. Even worse: they were in a nasty cardboard box on the ground with a sign: “all for 5 Euro.”

Knowing how much work it must have been to knit them, how much caring or love or both it took … the selling price and bad condition they were in was hard to bear. Hence, I adopted them.

Now they are clean, waiting for their first assignment. And if this morning’s weather forecast is correct, it won’t take much longer.

Would you happen to know a similar pattern in mittens? What might be their origin? Latvian?

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The Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho

Last night, I went out to celebrate a wonderful friend’s birthday. (I have to admit, that slowly but surely, I am feeling too old for evening invitations during the week … getting up was tough this morning, but that’s another story).

She did not want us to bring presents. She just wanted us to be there. However, I didn’t want to go empty-handed, hence I knit her a hat.

Purl Soho’s Garter Ear Flap Hat. Knits up in no time, fits perfectly and makes a lovely gift. Fortunately, the birthday girl has a twin sister – hence, I got to knit a second hat. Both of them were a huge success last night.

Therefore, there is a third Ear Flap Hat on my needles now. Looks like this might be my Christmas present for everyone this year 🙂

What are you working on?


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Knitting for Charity

Lots of green socks on (German) Instagram and Facebook accounts lately – die you see them? Called to the “Green Sock” campaign has Andrea Krull, initiator of now seven self-help groups for women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Green because it’s the color for ovarian cancer (just as pink is the color for breast cancer), socks, because Andrea Krull suffered cold feet, before and after chemotherapy. And of course, because hand-knitted socks, along with personal messages, are a wonderful way to show sympathy and caring.

Starting December 6, the socks will to be given to women in chemotherapy; I have sent three pairs to Neumünster. There is still some time left. Hence, if you’re in the area …

A second initiative I’d like you to know, is “Knitted Knockers” – knitted breast prostheses for women who underwent mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiotherapy and / or reconstruction. Apparently, conventional prostheses are often expensive, heavy, sweaty and uncomfortable. Plus, they can’t be worn for weeks after surgery (and require special bras).

It is said, on the other hand, that the knitted prostheses are more comfortable to wear, softer, lighter and even take the actual feel of a real breast. What is more, they can be placed in a regular bra and worn after surgery.

However, I was skeptical when reading about the initiative. Skeptical and insecure. Yet, I knit one (there are different pattern for all sizes online), as I really wanted to help a friend who is so close to my heart.

The day before yesterday, she sent a voice message. She sounded grateful (to say the least).

The prostheses are knitted with DPNs and from top to bottom. A tail is threaded through the remaining stitches and left loose and open to allow for (extra or less) stuffing and to get a perfect fit.

See here for more information and pattern.

So many sad stories; so much on my mind right now.

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