Knitting for Charity

Lots of green socks on (German) Instagram and Facebook accounts lately – die you see them? Called to the “Green Sock” campaign has Andrea Krull, initiator of now seven self-help groups for women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Green because it’s the color for ovarian cancer (just as pink is the color for breast cancer), socks, because Andrea Krull suffered cold feet, before and after chemotherapy. And of course, because hand-knitted socks, along with personal messages, are a wonderful way to show sympathy and caring.

Starting December 6, the socks will to be given to women in chemotherapy; I have sent three pairs to Neumünster. There is still some time left. Hence, if you’re in the area …

A second initiative I’d like you to know, is “Knitted Knockers” – knitted breast prostheses for women who underwent mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiotherapy and / or reconstruction. Apparently, conventional prostheses are often expensive, heavy, sweaty and uncomfortable. Plus, they can’t be worn for weeks after surgery (and require special bras).

It is said, on the other hand, that the knitted prostheses are more comfortable to wear, softer, lighter and even take the actual feel of a real breast. What is more, they can be placed in a regular bra and worn after surgery.

However, I was skeptical when reading about the initiative. Skeptical and insecure. Yet, I knit one (there are different pattern for all sizes online), as I really wanted to help a friend who is so close to my heart.

The day before yesterday, she sent a voice message. She sounded grateful (to say the least).

The prostheses are knitted with DPNs and from top to bottom. A tail is threaded through the remaining stitches and left loose and open to allow for (extra or less) stuffing and to get a perfect fit.

See here for more information and pattern.

So many sad stories; so much on my mind right now.

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