Edda, the second

Last week, I finished my second Edda market bag. Flame red and made with much thinner yarn I like it even better than the first. However, because of my choice of yarn, I had to slighly adapt the pattern. That is to say: cast on some more stitches, use thinner needles and add to its handles. It took forever to knit but I am very happy with the result.

Especially as the finished bag looked so tiny when done. Hardly 20 cm long (less than 8 inches) it seemed more like a Pompadour bag than a market bag but – DON’T BE DECEIVED! And that’s the only reason why I write about Edda again.

Look at this: The tiny empty bag and then the very same bag with basketball. (For those of you who do not live surrounded by basketballs – they have a circumference of 75 cm, that is roughly 30 inches).

Isn’t that crazy?

I want Edda to see the ocean. She will love it.

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