Sign of life

The stairs in front of our house need to go, because the wall behind them is wet. A very simple sentence. A causal clause, if I remember right (it has been a while since I learned that at school).

However, realization is not as simple as the sentence makes it look like, but rather complicated. Because those stairs – sandwiched between the house and the garage – have a substructure of stone and concrete up to at least 2 feet below the earth’s surface. Solid concrete. To quote one of the workers: “Tanks can go over there.”

That may come in handy for some – not for us. The stairs have to go.

Hence, we’re no longer talking about 12 days of construction work, but (a long guess) probably 20, costs are twice as high as projected, we need a second container for construction waste, the basketball is at the neighbor’s and since Thursday the jackhammer has been in constant use.

The whole house is trembling and so am I.

Ultimately, Saturday morning the glass shower partition gave in. Bits of broken glass everywhere. It had been too much.

I might add that the front door we ordered January 11 was finally delivered last week (after 5 months and countless visits at the store) but turned out to be 2 inches too short and 4 inches too narrow (due to their mistake in measuring), so now we’ll have to wait another six weeks. But why would I care?

Afer all, the old stairs are not yet gone and the craftsman who should build the new stairs has bailed out because of a herniated disc. Hence, we might be without stairs for a while. Therefore, access to the house is only possible on a rack in the driveway, then through the garage (gate on one side, door on the other), through the garden and across the porch. All of this s*cks! Pfft … no problem.

There hasn’t been much knitting lately, rather frogging. And I don’t feel like blogging. Especially since the new blog and I and GDPR are still having some sort of stranger anxiety … (I might write about that at some point).

Be it as it may, at some point everything will be okay. Eventually.

Take this as a sign of life



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