Third time’s a charm

The green cardigan, formerly known as the green top, and now turning out to be a green sweater is still sitting here, not progressing at all. Row after row I knit and night after night someone seems to unravel all achievement. That, of course, is not true but it feels like it.

A while ago, I had actually finished the cardigan. I had even sewn on buttons. Every now and then I would wear it, knowing that it wasn’t perfect.

Well, it wasn’t all that bad, the back was actually nice, but the front, the fitting, the size – no. Hence, lately I decided to start over. The man and the boy had to help me unravel because I thought that might speed up the whole process (… dream on, knitter …). The boy had to actually frog, while the man and I were to wind the two strands. So far for theory.

However, theory and practice turned out to be not congruent. Within no time the yarn was all tangled up (no surprise) as the son had been pulling too fast and the man had been too slow winding (no surprise either – after all, they did not help me voluntarily). Hence, I was annoyed at first, then angry. Really angry. That was when we had just about reached armpit level.

And because shoulders and neckline weren’t that bad after all, I left the upper part as it was (better for family peace anyway) and started knitting in rounds. Now the former cardigan, that once was a top, will become a v-neck sweater.

Will things work out? I don’t know. However, I am confident after first try-ons. The yarn, structure and color still inspire me and isn’t there a saying “third time’s a charm”?

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