Marisa’s Patchwork Wrap

Right before Christmas Marisa knitted three (three!) Patchwork wraps. Just like that – all of them stunning. She showed them on her (German) blog Maschenfein and I wondered (a) how can she be so fast (b) how do you knit patchwork?

So when she asked online whether anyone would like to test knit her pattern my finger was up in the air. And later that week I would cast on.

Patchwork Wrap Maschenfein HäkelmonsterWhat can I say?

Once you have the perfect yarn and the pattern is well written, nothing can go wrong.

Those raspberry colored triangles are knit with Nomade by Wollfaktor. Two handdyed and flawless skeins of yarn (given to me by Rebekka) were in my stash, wonderful to work with, not a single knot in 840 meters.

All else is sock yarn from stash: Opal, Regia and some no-names. I took whatever I had as Nomade did the trick “pimping” my wrap with its beautiful color and texture.

Patchwork Wrap Maschenfein HäkelmonsterAnd the instructions?

Marisa’s pattern is downright wonderful: logical, accurate and beautifully written. Once you understand how to attach those triangles to one another (joining them as you go) knitting becomes easy. Plus, it is fabulous how lively garter stitch can be when changing directions with each triangle.

I am no designer – well, not a designer like Marisa. Whether it is her doctor’s degree in economic science or her infectuous enthusiasm for numbers and maths – I don’t know. But knitting her designs is fun! Right now she is working on translating this pattern into English.

If ever I am going to knit another one of these wraps (which I most certainly will) I might use just one color to highlight those shifts in direction and its impact on garter stitch.

For the record: I have used about 600 yards of Nomade and little less than 400 yards of whatever was there. After blocking, my wrap measures 6 x 4.1 x 4.1 feet (2.7 feet from top to bottom). I modified the pattern by adding an edging (one row of single crochet stitches) and I love the finished wrap!

Patchwork Wrap Maschenfein Häkelmonster

I apologize for the bad quality of those pictures. Somehow, my camera flatly refuses to reflect anything red true to reality. But I will try again! Therefore: more pictures to follow as soon as my favorite model (my son) agrees in modelling.