Vanilla is the new Black

The doctor said it would be good if I knit less and stop staring at the computer screen. At least for a while, because of severe muscle tension in my neck and back. Sounds familiar?… More

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Camel fiber

Camels have two humps, dromedaries have one – at least that is what I thought. It’s not true though. Now, I have learned: all of them are camels, curious and friendly, however, there are two… More

Soap Socks

Have you ever heard of Soap Socks? It’s something I really wanted to try, the minute I discovered soap socks online. Whether you knit the sock circularly or flat (and seamed) doesn’t really matter; however,… More

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Polka Dots

Just in time for the end of summer, my summer project is done. And I am absolutely thrilled with the result. Even though I have not yet wet-blocked it or woven in ends, it is… More

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In the wake of Summer

All of a sudden, Instagram is full of hats, cardigans, yarn delight – are you serious? Do you really want it to be cold again? Socks on your feet and yarn wrapped around your shoulders?… More

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