The Lilly cardigan

As much as I love Ravelry (and I love it a lot!) – it has all those knitting books I own get dusty on the shelf. However, there are exceptions: Essentially Feminine Knits by Lene Holme Samsoe is one of them.

It’s a great book!

The introduction is titled “All you knit is love” and that totally fits the book: a collection of 25 must-have garments and accessories for every occasion, casual to dressy, and arranged by type of knitting, (i.e. garter stitch, leaf , cable, lace patterns, etc.)

Well-produced, with good pictures, a nice layout, and plenty of the necessary information, it features beautiful sweater, scarf and cardigan patterns, all of them well written and clearly presented, perfect for intermediate to advanced knitters.

I have knitted the Lilly cardigan back in 2014 and could not be happier with it (to this day).

Hence, I suggest you either buy the book or look it up on Ravelry and take a look at the designs yourself.

For me, the Tara scarf is next 🙂


Late to the Party

Thanks to Andrea Karminrot I heard about a (German) blogger column, called “five questions on the 5th”. Today is already May 6th, however I can’t let go of the idea and I definitely don’t want to wait until June. What’s more, this month’s questions – randomly compiled by Luzia Pimpinella (thanks 💙) – have nothing to do with yarn (nothing at all) and maybe that’s exactly what my head and blog need right now.

I will translate those questions (and my answers) later tonight (or tomorrow). Maybe you like to join as well.

Half Granny Wrappy Shawl

Jeanette and I have known each other for a few years. Our sons used to play basketball together. And even though they no longer do (they’re in different clubs now),  we still manage to see each other every now and then.

Last year she told me that while surfing the net she had discovered a cake-yarn made from 100% cotton, had fallen head over heels in love with it and bought it. Her goal had been to crochet a half granny shawl. However, for weeks to come 😉 for a while the blue twirl (love the word) sat on her sofa untouched. From time to time she would admire it, getting ready to finally start crocheting the shawl, but it never worked out. Because she had no pattern, no time, no patience – nothing at all.

And this is when she decided to give it to me. After all, she knew that I was knitting or crocheting day in and out. Hence, I might as well make something beautiful out of that cake-yarn. She didn’t even care what I might make, as long as the twirl would not longer sit on her sofa making her miserable …

Seriously: did I have a choice?!

I really wanted Jeanette to have that shawl and before I knew it, I had something new on my crochet hook …

At first, I was disappointed with the colour gradient, but once the greyish-blue turned into bright blue it was actually quite nice, I have to admit. However, I struggled with the yarn until the end. Those four very thin and untwined cotton strands were not at all easy to work with.

Eventually, that 200 gram ball with a meterage of approximately 800 metres turned into a medium-size triangle. Not as big as I would have wanted it to be (180 cm on the longest side), but still nice.

The most important thing: Jeanette didn’t know I was working on the shawl and  was really happy when I gave it to her.

Mission completed, I guess 😬.


Book review: #strickenmachtglücklich

12 Germans designers, 12 pattern – sweaters and cardigans, scarfs, wraps, a hat and socks.

As of now, the book is not (yet) translated into English. The minute it is, I will translate my review.

For now, I leave you with the designers’ instagram accounts:



Last weekend, I went to the blackforest to celebrate 70 years of Regia sock yarn and 30 years of Catania cotton. Schachenmayr company had invited 20 blogger and instagramers to knit and talk, to have cake and dinners, to network.

The pictures speak for themselves, I guess. It was glorious!

A very happy, hug-filled, heartfelt THANK YOU to the ladies at Schachenmayr, you spoiled us rotten! The beautiful yarn! The company! The fun! You went above and beyond!

We’ll be back 😬.