The Lilly cardigan

As much as I love Ravelry (and I love it a lot!) – it has all those knitting books I own get dusty on the shelf. However, there are exceptions: Essentially Feminine Knits by Lene… More

Late to the Party

Thanks to Andrea Karminrot I heard about a (German) blogger column, called “five questions on the 5th”. Today is already May 6th, however I can’t let go of the idea and I definitely don’t want… More

Half Granny Wrappy Shawl

Jeanette and I have known each other for a few years. Our sons used to play basketball together. And even though they no longer do (they’re in different clubs now),  we still manage to see… More

Book review: #strickenmachtglücklich

12 Germans designers, 12 pattern – sweaters and cardigans, scarfs, wraps, a hat and socks. As of now, the book is not (yet) translated into English. The minute it is, I will translate my review.… More


Last weekend, I went to the blackforest to celebrate 70 years of Regia sock yarn and 30 years of Catania cotton. Schachenmayr company had invited 20 blogger and instagramers to knit and talk, to have… More