Wonder Woman II

I can’t help but notice that I tend to repeat patterns that I like: five times Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Tomten jacket, six Alida hats, published in the KlompeLompe book and at least the same number of Purl Soho’s Garter Ear Flap Hat. Three versions of Lisa Hannes’ beautiful Fallen Cloud wrap and three attempts to knit a Down To The River scarf that I really want to keep for myself (so far, I haven’t been successful).

Now, I have made a second Wonder Woman Wrap. Knit in Katia Merino 100%, it turned out squishy and nice – maybe even nicer than the first wrap, I made back in 2017. This time, the yellow is darker, it has more of curry color to it and reminds me of gold.

However, the color combination is special – true. So what? After all I now, neither Wonder Woman nur SuperMan could be bothered. Hence, I am fine with it too.

Back in 2017, I loved the Wonder Woman movie and I still do. I am eager to see it again. On a huge screen!

And again, I am thrilled to bits by the clever construction of Carissa Browning’s wrap. We all know that knitting is nothing more than knit and purl, decrease and increase. But every now and then, that very thought blows my mind. The wonder woman wrap is knit in long (very long) rows. Some increasing, some decreasing, nothing fancy, and – BAMM – almost all by itself you’ll have a W! Brilliant!

I wouldn’t be surprised, if I cast on another sometime soon 😬. For now, I will bathe and block this one.