Once upon a time, there was a ball of yarn, looking forward to its birthday. And as it was a milestone birthday, the ball of yarn made plans to have a party.

This is how a fairy tale might start. However, it is not a fairy tale but a wonderful invitation by Schachenmayr, hosting a blogger event called #blackforestcrafts: their sock yarn Regia will turn 70 this year, Catania, the cotton yarn, will be 30 and the party is for real.

Luckily, I confirmed attendance before I knew where the party would take place. Let’s put it this way: Herbolzheim is not around the corner from where I live … Hence, now I will spend Friday (full of anticipation) and Sunday (exhausted but happy) on the train with German Federal Railway (a knitter friend calls trips like mine “precious knitting time”), to party on Saturday until late at the night with Schachenmayr and other crafty people.

I am so looking forward to it!

Catania was my choice of yarn, when I first started crocheting monsters that gave my blog its name. Only later (and to this day) did I become a self-confessed sock yarn addict.

As a warm-up (and because Michaela inspired me), I spent a few nights taking care of my socks’ drawer: cleaning up and mending. Those green socks needed new toes, the legs of the black pair had always been too short (however, the toes were always colorful). Now, that I am done, I like both pairs even better than before.

Let’s see, I might even take them to the Black Forest with me.

This is going to be so good!