In November, seven out of 125 ninth graders were offered the opportunity to spend four weeks in Spain on a high school exchange program. Seven out of 125 … As the son has caught the travel bug, he really wanted to apply. Hence, he filled out the questionnaire, accurate and complete – no allergies, math as his favorite subject, basketball seven days the week – and handed it in.

I told him that there was only a slim chance they would choose him with all that basketball and then we waited. But not for long.

Three days later we received an email from Spain and in early January he took off for Valencia. A very nice family, a new friend, even school seems to be cool, and outside 18°C / 65°F (quick reminder: Berlin -7°C/20°F). It could have been worse …

When he was gone, I thought that a month wouldn’t be all that long (wrong), that time would fly (wrong), and that finally I’d be able to do all the things I had meant to do for so long (wrong).

At least, I started and finished some “knitting on demand” that I am not (yet) allowed to show (except for the yarn).

Then, my nieces came to visit. Again, I cannot show pictures (because they do not want me to), except for this one of my older niece in a café.

I have finished a second polka dot wrap – almost identical to the red one I had made last summer – but haven’t taken decent pictures yet. So far, only a detail in lamplight. Heaven knows why those blue dots look like squares.

What else? A sixth Garter Ear Flap Hat came into being. Just because I needed some mindless (and small) knitting to go.

Last but not least, tackling the Birkin is high up on my list again. I have frogged the fourth attempt (see picture above). Even though I had done it without half of the flowers, it would not work out. I kept knitting nonetheless – ripping it was painful but a relief.

All this was done in late summer. I cannot believe I never blogged about it. Version N°5: I am starting over. For the last time. Different yarn, different approach, different colors. same flowers. Looking good so far. Let’s see how this will go.

In short: I have been busy, however all these piles (filing, sorting, discarding) are not much smaller than they were. Tomorrow, I will start to catch up.

Tomorrow, the son will be back 😍.

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