Advent Calendar

Saving my honor: at least I have tried. Only I never had the patience go beyond “1”. Hence, one little Julevotter has been sitting here for weeks now. A friendly reminder … But that does not change a thing. I unraveled the half-finished “2” in purple and gray nonetheless. It’s just not my thing. DPNs and FairIsle – too small, too fiddly, too many threads. Period.

No matter how much I wanted to knit and have this Advent calendar.

I am out. Thankfully, the teenager in my house is more interested in the “inside” of a calendar than in the “outside”, hence I will hang the calendar I bought ages ago and fill its 24 little pockets just like every year.

Thereafter, the Lettlopi yarn will become a colorful sweater for me. Honi soit, qui mal y pense 😬.

Of course, Kathi is displaying her 10th calendar today on Instagram. At least, it feels like her 10th calendar (actually, I might be her 4th). Even more beautiful, more perfect (if possible) than its forerunners. Lovely colors, lovely picture. Another 18 mittens to go until the end of this month and I have no doubt she’ll make it in time.

Not that I care …

If you are like Kathi (24 mittens in a week) the pattern is here.




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