Shades of gold

“It’s like a golden carpet in front of my house. So beautiful,” my aunt said the other day. Since then, I no longer think “leaves = work” when looking into my garden. They may stay as long as they are gold. Together with the blue sky that’s actually very pretty.

Besides, my aunt brought me 20 kilos (in words: twenty kilos) of quince from my mother’s garden. My mother added that there is more if I need more (no thanks) … That is to say, even without raking up the leaves, I am busy. Every day, I make quince jelly. Three liters, every day. It will be done tonight. Then, there will be about 50 glasses of jelly. Winter can come.

No wonder, I didn’t knit or crochet all that much lately. Nevertheless, little things get done. A little baby hat for example. Remember we went to Arcachon several times for summer vacation? This little hat is for our landladies first grandchild Milan.

I was so pleased with her message that I immediately cast on another baby cardigan, following the pattern that Kiki once introduced me to. The yarn is leftovers from my wonder woman wrap. Hence, the cardigan will be yellow, blue, and red. Some wonder woman will do no harm to a little boy, I guess – quite the opposite.

Leaves, quint, cardigan – many different shades of gold. However, the eMail I received Friday night was not gold at all:

„We’ve found that your account has been used to install and run malicious software on your server. This software was then used to attack third-party systems.”

Malicious software … attacking third-party systems … 😱. Luckily, Magdalena came to my rescue. Friday night, 10 pm? No problem! She was right there, grabbed two Russian attackers and kicked them out, then raised the firewall even higher, deleted and reinstalled the malicious software. (Through TeamViewer, so that I could watch. Maybe with the intention that I might learn something – however, I was way too anxious to even understand what she was doing …🙃). Shortly before midnight, everything was back to normal, neither haekelmonster nor you were harmed, the site is back online and yet my nerves still flutter a bit …

Hence, I needed to write a blog post (it was due anyway) – if only to prove to myself that really everything is under control again ….

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