Sugar Plum Fairy Socks

It is a mystery to me how anyone can tolerate (or even like) what the son calls music in the volume he chooses. (If you do not believe me, I recommend “Meurtre par Strangulation” by Maître Gims. Death by strangulation, accompanied by the piano. For pure, authentic sound reproduction make sure the volume control is up …).

Makes me long for the days, when the boy was a little child. He had three CDs – no more, no less – that we would listen to day in, day out (occasionally interrupted by a Moomin audiobook): One was “The birds’ wedding,” a CD my sister had recommended and to this day the only one I ever heard by Ralf Zuckowsy (a singer who is very popular among children in Germany and released hundreds of CDs).

Then there was „Peter and the Wolf“ with Loriot narrating the story. My favorite CD of all times! Hard to explain to anyone not German. However, take my word: The brilliant storyteller, the orchestra, the conductor – all of it is glorious!

And finally there was „Noah’s Ark.” Unfortunately, that audio book too has never been translated into any other language. Hence, the not German speaking world misses out on listening to the story (only interrupted by classical music) of all these animal couples trying to make it to the ark on time, despite all obstacles, their standing in line (patiently or not), and the challenges they were facing.

Why am I writing this? Because one of the pieces of music on that last CD that the son particularly liked is the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” (originating from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker). No wonder, I immediately reacted when coming across the Fee Dragee socks on Ravelry. That very day, I cast on a pair of Sugar Plum Fairy socks, my third pair of socktober-socks.

I even managed to finish knitting them in October, however it took me until last night to close the toe with kitchener stitch and to take a midnight picture right there on the sofa.

Midnight … school started again this morning (after two weeks of fall vacation), hence the night was rather short, nerves were slightly on edge and Maître Gims sounded a wee bit louder than usual.

In short: I would have preferred the Sugar Plum Fairy in my ears rather than on my feet …

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