I was in the garden again today … necessary for both of us – the garden and me. Another late summer day: blue sky, sunny, 70-degree-weather.

Because, if the weathermen’s forecast is correct, tomorrow the weather will change. It will be cooler, more cloudy … Rain on Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the rain, but the prospect of dark and grey gives me the blues.

No blues for you? Well, lucky you.

Like a lizard, I need warmth and light. Looks like I am pretty much alone with that right now. Everyone else on social media seems to be looking forward to wooly hats. They want cardigans and dream of being wrapped in shawls.


Socks – okay. But I knit (and wear) socks all year long. Hence, the second pair of socktober socks is done, and I am working on my third. All other knitting is still waitlisted …

The Birkin that may never be a Birkin. And the blue cashmere shawl. Finally, a new crochet WIP.

All in good time.


The little vine I brought in France last summer, my Bordeaux from Bordeaux, has grown incredibly;

the fox / cat / squirrel (no, 😱 not the squirrel) killed (and ate) a dove. All gone but the feathers;

I am done with raking foliage.

It smells fall.

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