Vanilla is the new Black

The doctor said it would be good if I knit less and stop staring at the computer screen. At least for a while, because of severe muscle tension in my neck and back. Sounds familiar? He would then tape my neck, prescribe physiotherapy and send me home.

Since then, I have been non-stop in the jungle garden (no, I did not tell the doctor): raking up the leaves, tidying up, cutting back shrubs, chopping and splitting logs for firewood. Sisyphus’ work in a way (spending hours outside, working hard, however in the end it does not show at all), on the other hand enormously satisfying. There is nothing better for my head and spirit than working outdoors and having fresh air (not good for my neck though …).

When crawling back inside the house in the late afternoon I am too tired to work on anything but simple projects. Luckily, we’re in socktober. Luckily, I came across the Vanilla is the new Black sock pattern. Not complicated at all, great fit and a beautiful extravagant heel. Downright perfect!

In Lana Grossa’s Glamy, a self striping sock yarn with subtle glitter accent, they knit up in no time. I am definitely going to knit another glittering pair, however – next time I might choose a solid color yarn like Lana Grossa’s Late Night, as stripy and glitter are slightly too much (at least for my taste).

Be it as it may, those socks will now proceed to the drawer, their new home (until summer is finally over = end of next week). Especially as a new pair of striped socks is already on my needles. Regia in red and blue, knitted top-down, classic heel-flap (red), wedge-toe (red). So easy – it is boring. Hence, I added a row of little sheep at the second sock’s leg.

If things work out, the pair will be finished tonight. In time for the weekend.

Tomorrow, the man will work on the logs (he is looking forward to it, I can tell), whereas I seriously consider not doing anything at all. Nothing but baking an apple cake for school festivities and sitting in the sun.

Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do. ☀️


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