Soap Socks

Have you ever heard of Soap Socks? It’s something I really wanted to try, the minute I discovered soap socks online.

Whether you knit the sock circularly or flat (and seamed) doesn’t really matter; however, make sure it is stockinette and not garter for a tight fit. I cast on 20 stitches with Judy’s Magic Cast on, increased once or twice in the first few rows and knitted in rounds.

100% wool is perfect as it actually felts with friction in warm and cold water. I decided on Lettlopi leftovers, crammed the soap inside the sock and closed the opening with kitchener stitch. When done, I handed each of my testers (the man and the son) a bar of soap.

Both of them approved.

Which may have been because of my choice of soap. My favorite soap was neither too hard (nice foam) nor too soft (it would have turned into mush in no time). It is hand-made and hand-cut, purely organic and packed with beautiful oils, vegan and without artificial preservatives.

We favor soap bars over liquid soap. There is way too much plastic in the world. 300 million tons are produced annually. 300.000.000 tons! That’s just crazy! Fortunately, more and more people are paying attention to reducing plastic. Pia is one of them – and as luck would have it, soap (as opposed to shampoo) is also her topic in her current (German) blog post.

Knitting soap socks and using them is fun. I think about storing some in my linen closet as the wool seems to hold the soap’s scent for quite some time. Some others may serve as presents.

I might even try soap sock variations. FairIsle and the like. After felting, it might look like those rubber boot insoles I have been wanting to make for a long time. I’ll see.

Is it okay to give away soap? Or will I offend the recipient?

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