Little Sister’s Dress

It all started, when I needed a red button for the Little Sister’s Dress. So far, all the buttons I bought or found, inherited or just had, had been stored in a glass and it was definitely high time to change that, to sort them at least by colors. Because no matter how much I liked the glass – it was so impractical, as every time I was looking for a button I had to pour all buttons on a tray as the one I needed was always at the bottom of the glass.

The wooden box with glass lid is intended for tea bag storage (I think), but it works just as well as a home for buttons.

It turned out to be so nice!

Plus, I found the perfect button for the little dress. Unfortunately, it is only one (the only one I had). The pattern asks for two but I decided not to care.

The Little Sister’s Dress has been on my list for a long time. I have knitted it with Schachenmayr’s Catania in coral red in the smallest size (0-3 months). As the yarn is slightly thicker than the yarn the pattern suggests, the dress will hopefully fit a 6 months old baby.

I really like the idea of a baby girl wearing it as a dress, have it as a tunic in fall and as a top next summer. Thus, wearing time will be significantly longer than knitting time – which is usually never the case with baby clothes : )

Beautiful little project! I am pretty sure I will knit another one of these dresses sometime soon. If it had been my pattern / my idea I don’t think I would have given it away for free. Luckily the designer did exactly that.

Thank you!

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