Power Outage

Due to power outage things went haywire today. No radio, no TV, no internet, no PlayStation (yay!). Nothing but quiet. No kettle (no tea), no toaster (no toast), no oven (no leftovers from last night) … that’s worse. To top that: the son’s power bank needs to reload, just like his cell phone. There is no warm water to take a bath. All of this happening while on summer vacation … Unacceptable for a teenager.

There is more than enough water outside though: Since this morning, rain comes down in sheets, which makes things even worse. Anything pleasant (basketball) as well as anything rather unpleasant (mowing the lawn) is impossible. Not only outside the house, but inside as well.

Ironing? Vacuum-cleaning? Bankwire? All impossible. There is not much left to be done without electricity. Definitly something I should think about more often. As luck would have it, I listened to a short book review on the radio the other day and it was about the very same subject, only worse: Blackout by Marc Elsberg. The story: In winter, all power grids collapse in Europe for several weeks. No gas stations, no ATMs, no tap water, no food logistics, no heating, but anarchy in the streets after little more than a week. Reviews range from awesome to boring, from gripping to lengthy. The German version has 800 pages that I really want to read. Especially after today.

“Fast, tense, thrilling – and timely: this will happen one day. Highly recommended.” (LEE CHILD)

Luckily, no electricity is needed for knitting. This is why I got to put up my feet early today to cast on something new: baby hat Alida for baby Sophie, who was born the day before yesterday (her father is a basketball coach). The pattern is from the fabulous KlompeLompe book that I wrote about a while ago (in German).

The little bonnet is very cute, fits a tiny basketball and was done in no time. I sure hope it will fit the baby as well.

Nevertheless, I would like to have electricity now. And toast with apple jelly.

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