Third time’s a charm

The green cardigan, formerly known as the green top, and now turning out to be a green sweater is still sitting here, not progressing at all. Row after row I knit and night after night… More

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Sign of life

The stairs in front of our house need to go, because the wall behind them is wet. A very simple sentence. A causal clause, if I remember right (it has been a while since I… More

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We’re moving

I have already mentioned it in one of my latest blogposts: the time has come, häkelmonster will move today! Away from a wordpress hosted system to my own. As a result, some things will change,… More

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Review: Pica Pau

The little goddaughter (4) has long had a little sister (3) and now there is a baby sister (3 months) too. Joy and good cheer with friends and family and of course the minute I… More