Travel knit

I have been travelling quite a bit lately. Short trips here and there. To Czech Republic over Easter, to France for family affairs. Enriching and exhausting at the same time.

Ostrava was beautiful. Basketball (what else?) made us go there and I am happy we went. Very impressive architecture, whether old, socialist or modern. Not necessarily beautiful but making a strong visual impact (at least on me).

And – of course – great games. The boys played against teams from Lithuania, Hungary, the Ukraine and the host country. In the end they won gold (well deserved. Yes, I am proud!).

Paris was unexpected. As unexpected – however foreseeable – as the death of my dear friend of 35 years. The church service affectionate and light-colored (if that makes sense), outside the first day of spring, the sky so very blue.

All of it unreal. Little more than 12 hours between arrival and departure. The evening with her family, her husband, daughter, grandchildren; a restless night; seeing her for the last time in the morning. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Because of the strike I had to go home by train: 10 hours to let my mind wander while knitting the time away.

Bright above me HäkelmonsterEven though winter is (finally!) over, I have another yoke sweater on my needles. Not that I needed another, but when Dutte called out for test knitters I could not resist. A beautiful pattern, somehow reflecting my spirit: Is there anything Bright Above Me – sometimes I wish it was. If only to welcome my friend.

Pictures of finished sweater to follow. Hopefully soon.

According to the designer, the pattern will be out any day from now.