January is in a bag, February too. March is in a box. Every day, well, almost every day, I knit another little Hexagon pillow and – at least when thinking about this project – I would not mind if 2018 would be over soon.

Lately, I may have been ranting and raving about it. Occasionally …

Hence, the son (just in case you forgot: competitive athlete, born 2004) suggested yet another challenge: no more hexagons but push-ups. One more every day.

hexagone häkelmonsterWe’ve been doing push-ups for almost two weeks now and all of a sudden, knitting hexagons isn’t all that bad any more. Definitely better than push-ups ?.

When did I take the picture? Correct: March 4. In the meantime, I have knitted another nine hexagons.

I am hanging in there, however something is telling me that I may stick to only one challenge until the end of the year. One, instead of two. Now, you may guess which one it will be …

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