blue & orange

I used to read horoscopes. Those three-liners in newspapers or magazines. Occasionally I would catch a few sentences on the radio. Sometimes, I would hope for the words to become true, sometimes I would pretend I had never heard them. And if ever there was anything written about the Capricorn I would wonder if it was true for me.

I’m done with horoscopes. At least, since I have met my man.

I tell you why: Last week was his birthday. Same day as my sister. Here a fish, there a fish and one might think … no. Listing everything they have in common is done in no time: both are a part of my life. That’s it. They differ in everything else. Blame it on the ascendant or forget about horoscopes. I decided for the latter.

How about you? Do you believe in stars affecting your life? Supposedly, every third woman and every sixth man in Germany does.

shawl häkelmonsterBe it as it may, how do I get back to the shawl I meant to write about in the first place? The stars – the sky – the color blue? That might work. After all, it started with the most beautiful skein of blue yarn you can imagine: 650 yards of 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere.

It took me a while (and several attempts) to figure out what to do with it. Soon it will be a wide and soft and stretchy shawl, knitted in brioche. Light enough for summer, cozy around my neck in winter.

Knitted with big needles (size 5 EU, instead of the suggested 2-3) and 70 stitches it is about 14 inches wide – but can easily be stretched to 24 inches.

And all of a sudden 650 yards weren’t all that long any more … I am tempted to say that my shawl was meant to have an orange end; that Purl Soho’s Color Tipped Scarf inspired me. But that’s not true.

Orange is the new blue. Orange is my plan B.

Simply because Filace Quito in the colorway Terra was the only matching yarn (in terms of quality and feel) I had. I’ll add another 10 to 15 inches with it. Maybe some more. I’ll see.

Do I like those colors together? I don’t know (yet). The contrast is intense. Maybe because lately I have seen too much of a wintry grey outside.

Now it’s time for blue skies and orange crocuses!

Yes, it will be nice.

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