The son has a sleep-over at his best friend’s house, the man is not in Berlin, and instead of taking advantage of a free evening, I have (again) spent an hour wasting lifetime on Instagram. Happens over and again, annoys me but there is no way to change that I guess. At least not as long as there are so many and amazingly beautiful projects out there …

This is how #project2018 started as well. I had been flirting with the idea for a long time. However, every January I told myself to stay away from it. Until now. Until my blogger friend Sabine got trapped.

Hexagone häkelmonster chair-padsRight after seeing those hexagons on her Instagram account, I asked her whether it is really so much fun to make them. One word led to another, a quick shoptalk on casting on and binding off, basking and reveling in creativity and sock yarn designs and – BANG! – I was caught in the same trap. A few hours later, my first hexagon was done (at the gym. Perfectly matching the ground, don’t you think?).

Hexagone häkelmonster chair-padsSince then, I knit one per day. Tiny balls of yarn, a circular knitting needle and filling (bits and pieces of leftover yarn) are my everyday companion and every time I have to wait (at the gym, the doctor, the underground, anywhere) I knit a few rows. Yarn and color according to my mood.

It may not become a blanket (as I don’t like the idea), but chair pads (if that is the correct term). I haven’t really thought a lot about joining them, but there is still plenty of time to do that (suggestions anyone?). Haxagons divided in halves are on my list. They might come in handy. Today’s hexagon is not yet made. I might give my first half hexagon a try.

They really are addictive to make. The daily pleasure of a finished object, the different colors, the squishy-ness – I love it.

How about you? Any year-long projects on your side? Or maybe a monthly challenge? Anything?

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