The Blocking Board

„Hey – a blocking board!“ I want you to say, „where did you get that?“ — „Well, that was a Christmas present,“ would be my answer and I would add that it had not been easy to get it. Not easy at all.

Here’s the story: I had wanted a blocking board for a long time. Hence, in April 2017 I sent an eMail to Scheepjes.

That is how I usually do it: I see something, I want it, order it, buy it, own it. And in roughly 33% of all cases things work out just like that.

With 66% it is different. Maybe because the item I want is more expensive than I thought it would be, maybe because I realize I do not want it all that much, maybe because it is hard (too hard) to get and then I let go. In short: in 66% of all cases things do not work out because of me.

1% is complicated. Always. Heaven knows why. Karma, I guess …

In 2017, the blocking board was clearly that one last percent. Scheepjes sent adorable mails but no board. Online ordering seemed impossible just like buying it in Berlin.

No. Board. For. Me.

I would grumble for a while but not for long. After all, I did not want the board all that much (I thought), I did not need it (I thought), and it wasn’t even pretty (I thought).

Thoughts, I must confess, I did not share with my man. He only witnessed my initial grumbling misery.

And because he is a wonderful man – and Christmas was still a long way to go – he started researching, emailing, negotiating. Until he finally had the board in Berlin – just in time for Christmas.

That’s what you call perseverance. Or love. Or both.

Until this day, he did not tell me how a sky-blue blocking board found its way into our living-room. All I know is that – according to him – Santa Claus has to have a secret every now and then.

I did not disagree.

And as there were still some granny squares laying around here, I wet and blocked them last night. I had 12. That’s not much. I might (have to) crochet some more.

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