My Skyggen Wrap

Skyggen is Norwegian for shade. When in Greece, Sophia‘s Norwegian grandfather would rather jump from skyggen to skyggen than walk in the sun. A lovely thought (I have to admit it makes me smile without knowing the gentleman) and so it is no surprise that “jumping from skyggen to skyggen” later became the family’s code for “It’s hot outside.”

It is definitely hot outside in Berlin today: 36°C, that is 97°F. I don’t mind (dry) heat but there is a limit when it comes to working with yarn, I came to realize. Knitting anything other than socks is no fun right now.

Luckily, I have finished my own skyggen a few days ago, and this afternoon was the perfect time to block it. Hence, pictures shown are “making of” and “block pictures” that may not do justice to my beautiful wrap but I am not patient enough to wait much longer to show it to you.

Quite frankly: it is one of the nicest patterns I have ever knit, and probably the loveliest yarn I have ever worked with. Period.

Skyggen StichFest HäkelmonsterThe pattern is easy to understand and to memorize. Simple enough to knit everywhere and with everyone, however entertaining enough for not to be bored. Once I had started,  I kept knitting and knitting and knitting until there was no more yarn left.

There is no doubt I will knit another one of these (maybe in fall).

Skyggen StichFest HäkelmonsterThe yarn is wonderful. Rowan Fine Tweed is a dream to knit with. The more you knit the softer it will be just by laying on your lap. The beautiful green, speckled with yellow and blue – sigh – I really like it a lot.

I made minor adjustments: no iCord edging (simply because I forgot), no longer ribbing at the end (because I wanted it to be finished). It is beautiful nonetheless.

Now all I need is a mild summer evening.

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