Another blanket

I did not mean to crochet another blanket. Seriously not. But then my friend Tamara gave me this bag full of sock yarn scraps and leftover yarns … Little abandoned bundles, a bit tousled, very colorful. Most of them Regia. What could I do other than wind them into pretty little cakes?!

crochetblanket grannysquares häkelmonsterAnd then – of course – I really wanted to work with them. Crochet a granny square. Just one. To see the colors. Then another. Maybe a circle. Lots of circles. Then triangles. That was back in April.

Now that it is June, those squares, circles, and triangles took on a life of their own.

And — WHOOSH — there’s a (lap) blanket.

I still need to weave in some ends, and I am not sure how to crochet a border of some sort. (Maybe some more granny stripes). However, it amazes me how variegated yarns can do each other good. How things work out with nothing but grannies. Always.

crochetblanket grannysquares häkelmonster

Hence, (more) pictures to follow.

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